“Parenting is the hardest.job.ever.  …but the payoff is priceless.”  

About Hardest.Job.ever.
by SV's FotoGraphi
by SV’s FotoGraphi


This site is devoted to parents like you. Real parents who struggle, triumph, and sometimes even fail. I envisioned Hardest.Job.Ever to be a way to connect to other parents and to share our experiences, wisdom, tips and information.

Mostly I share my honest experiences, however flawed.  Sometimes I share the wealth of knowledge that I get from meeting other parents— whether it’s in a mom’s group or waiting in the grocery line, or from interviewing a parent for a featured article.

My education in psychology, my love of writing, and my background in technology made this both a no brainer, and an “aha” moment:

Do what you love, love what you do, share what you love.



Featured Parents

The site is like our fourth child, as this has been a labor of love for both my husband and I. He gave birth to the idea of the featured parent section. It’s where I find a mom or dad willing to pause for a moment long enough to let me do an interview. I dig in just enough to discover their individual parenting style, highlights, and useful tips. Through my thoughtful journalism, I’m able to share their wisdom and stories, while giving them the recognition that they deserve.

Want to be a featured mom or dad?  See the Get Featured page for more information.

Special Kids

In addition to having a passion for parenting, I have a strong devotion for and a deep understanding of those parents who have special needs children. I have a daughter on the Autism Spectrum and I am always seeking and trying new tips, tricks, books and behavior plans. From the special needs parents I have met, they are often seeking the same. For those of us dealing with the hardest of the hardest jobs ever, join us in our Special Kids section.

Kid Bits

This is another area of the site where readers can participate.  The Kids Bits page is a collection of short stories, tips, tricks or one-liners — funny, insightful or otherwise. These entries are not long enough to create a featured article from but are worthy of sharing. It can be something a child said, or something a parent thought or did that is interesting or funny.

Want to share a Kid Bit or have an idea for an article, topic suggestion or parenting question? Send it to genevieve@hardestjobever.com.

About Genevieve Adams

DSC_1754 (2)

I am first and foremost a mother to three beautiful girls and a cat, and then I am a lot of other things.

I enjoy writing, crafts, cooking, photography and home organization/décor. I have a degree in psychology from Oakland University. I started off working in the marketing/graphic design industry, then briefly worked as a social worker.  I then ventured into the tech industry.  My most recent position was at Hewlett Packard as a technical writer, editing and creating articles for various clients via an online knowledgebase. Because of my background, I find blogging about parenthood to be the perfect fusion of my talents, passion, and skills.





We are a blended family, as I have two girls from a previous marriage. I met Mark when my daughters were young, so he has always been “Dad” to the girls. He officially adopted them in 2015. We had a baby together, our third daughter, in 2013.

My oldest daughter, whom I will refer to as “Cici”, has High Functioning Autism, or what used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome — which was her original diagnosis when she was five. She is sensitive and caring, good with animals, and loves her baby sister and our cat Pumpkin. We started a blog several years ago to capture her unique sayings and funny antics, as well as our behavioral modification methods (including an Android App my husband and I developed). You will see many entries in our archives about her.

My middle daughter, who chose to be referred to as “Avery”, is smart, quick-witted, sensitive, and empathetic. She loves playing Minecraft, Animal Jam, making crafts, playing with Littlest Pet Shops, and reading books.  When she isn’t sitting still, she likes to be active and is a very fast runner.

My youngest daughter calls herself “Bebe” and is how I refer to her in this blog. She is two and is always on the go. She is smart, social and aware of everything and everyone around her. She adores her sisters, whom she refers to as “Cici”  (hence the nickname), and “Wawa”. She also loves her doctor’s kit, and watching Doc McStuffins. Perhaps in a few years we can have an “Ask the Doc” section, where she will answer your medical questions.

My husband, Mark, is a Big Data Analyst in the tech industry and has his own blog bigdatamark.com. He is hard working, loves Daredevil comics, computers, and his family. His input and infinite tech wisdom is the backbone that drives this site.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur cat Pumpkin is the most sweet, laid back, and seriously cool cat I have ever known. We call him Cici’s therapy cat because he is truly a mellowing influence on her and we thank him everyday for that. Although, we really should clean his litter more often.


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